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We Serve New Yorkers in Construction Accidents

Construction sites are often a disaster waiting to happen. There are so many potentially dangerous areas and situations that it is miraculous that more accidents don’t occur. Scaffolding collapses, ditch cave-ins and equipment malfunctions and accidents are only a few of the potential daily problems on construction sites. When you add in the toxic chemicals and substances used that could cause permanent damage, you are taking your life into your hands when working on a construction site.

Many employers fail to maintain proper safety standards, making it even more possible to be injured. When an individual is injured on the worksite, it is critical to get legal representation from an experienced attorney. With the help of a workers’ compensation lawyer from Katz, Leidman, Freund & Herman, you can protect your best interests when seeking compensation for damages.

Get The Help You Need After An Accident

Dealing with workers’ compensation can be a nightmare. The paperwork is complex, and the documentation needed for injury accidents can be extensive. It is vital that you keep every document related to your injury, no matter what it is. Every medical bill, transportation cost, ambulance bill, or other costs related to your injury must be thoroughly documented when making a claim for compensation for damages. With the assistance of a New York construction accident lawyer from Katz, Leidman, Freund & Herman, you can increase the possibility of getting the settlement you deserve after your injury.

There is also the aspect of “third party claims”. These can be helpful when a piece of equipment was faulty or defective and was responsible for the accident, or in cases in which drivers were injured while on the job. Don’t move forward with your claim without meeting with a New York construction accident attorney from Katz, Leidman, Freund & Herman. The attorney will help you to determine how to move forward with your claim, and to seek maximum compensation for your injuries.

Our New York Firm Is Dedicated To Your Recovery

Most individuals are not fully aware of the laws and rules regarding Workers’ Compensation in New York. They may not know of certain types of claims that could be made, and due to the lack of understanding of the laws, they end up losing the opportunity to make a further claim. If you agree to a settlement without first discussing it with an attorney from Katz, Leidman, Freund & Herman, you are taking the chance that you are losing potential types of claims.

Don’t Wait To Get Help! Contact A New York Construction Accident Lawyer From Katz, Leidman, Freund & Herman, Today To Schedule A Free Consultation.