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Auto Accidents on the Job in New York

| Apr 19, 2017 | Auto Accidents, Workers' Compensation |

When people think of workers’ compensation claims in New York and throughout the country, they often think of workplace accidents that occur in an office, in a manufacturing facility, or outside at a construction site. In reality, a workplace accident doesn’t have to occur at an employer’s place of business.

Auto accidents for example, often occur while someone is working out in the field, and nowhere near their employer’s brick and mortar building. Let’s take a closer look at how an employee can be injured in a car accident, which would entitle him or her to workers’ compensation benefits under New York law:

  • The employee is injured while driving a delivery truck.
  • The employee is struck by a vehicle while being a pedestrian.
  • The employee is injured in an auto accident while working in the field.
  • The employee is injured in a car accident while running a work errand.
  • The employee is in a car accident while driving between jobs or worksites.
  • The employee is in a car accident while “on the clock” and driving for work.

Suppose you are a pharmaceutical salesperson and as you’re visiting different doctors’ offices, you’re involved in a serious car accident. Since you were an employee and technically “on-the-job,” you should be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits through your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. The same goes for all types of workers injured in an auto accident while on the job, such as:

  • Construction workers
  • Landscape workers
  • Delivery drivers
  • Taxi drivers
  • Commercial truck drivers
  • Car salesman
  • Assistants who run errands
  • And many more

Even if driving is not a part of an employee’s normal job description, that does not mean that he or she would not be entitled to workers’ compensation in an auto accident. For example, if you were in a crash while running a work errand, such as getting coffee for the office, or visiting a client, customer or vendor, you should still be entitled to workers’ comp if the collision occurred while you were performing your work-related duties.

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