Blog Posts in May, 2015

  • 20-May-2015

    Can I Get Benefits for an Off-the-Job Injury?

    If you are an employee who has suffered an off-the-job injury or illness, you may be wondering if there is any way that you can receive compensation while you are recovering. In New York, when a wage earner has been disabled due to an off-the-job ...
  • 14-May-2015

    Are Occupational Diseases Covered By Workers' Compensation?

    What is an occupational disease? It is a disease that stems directly from the conditions that a worker is exposed to. Under specific circumstances a worker is entitled to workers' compensation benefits when they are suffering from an ...
  • 7-May-2015

    Workers' Compensation & Whistleblower Claims

    Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, workers have the right to a safe workplace. If a worker is worried that their working conditions are unusually dangerous, they have the right to file a confidential complaint with OSHA so their ...
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