Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Claims

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Occupational injuries are those that occur as a direct result from the course of employment. For example, someone that works in construction may experience back problems after a long period of time based on the standing, bending, and lifting expectations of the job. One of the more common occupational injuries, especially for those working in office settings, is the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. While many people do not believe that they are entitled to workers' compensation for carpal tunnel injuries, occupational injuries are covered under workers' compensation laws in New York.

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What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a result of repetitive hand motions such as typing or other types of repetitive hand motions. The "carpal" is the narrow passage at the base of the hand that the tendons and nerves go through. When this area swells, it creates pressure on the nerves which can result in numbness in the fingers and hands.

There are several signs to look for in regards to carpal tunnel syndrome which includes:

  • Numbness in the thumb and two consecutive fingers
  • Pain that radiates down to the elbow
  • Difficulty moving fingers in subtle motions
  • Problems with the strength of your grip
  • Muscles under the thumb slowly decreasing

Each case is unique in the affects the injury has. If you are having any or all of these symptoms, it is possible that you have carpal tunnel syndrome. If this is a result of the activities you are doing at work, such as computer work or other repetitive hand motions, it is crucial that you speak with a medical professional about your injuries and that you contact a lawyer to help you with your claim.

Should I File A Workers Comp Claim For Carpal Tunnel?

Since carpal tunnel is a physical injury that is oftentimes suffered as a direct result of employment, a person may be able to file a compensation claim.

If a person is seeking to file a worker's compensation claim for carpal tunnel syndrome, they must prove:

  • The carpal tunnel was caused a workplace injury and not a non-work-related activity
  • The injury was not caused by a preexisting condition like arthritis or diabetes
  • The exposure to carpal tunnel was greater than the general public due to the employment

If an injured worker is able to prove that the carpal tunnel is due to the job and its related stresses, then they will likely be able to recover workers' compensation for their injury.

Turn to Our NYC Law Firm for Help

At Katz, Leidman, Freund & Herman, our workers comp lawyer in NY has helped countless individuals who suffer from this syndrome handle the claim for workers' compensation necessary. When one can no longer work due to pain, it is possible to have a claim for the wages you have lost due to the inability to work. After all, this is a work related injury. The state of New York has laws in place to protect workers, and if you are dealing with such an injury it is important that you get legal representation to assist you in fighting for fair compensation in your claim. It is strongly advised that you have a workers' compensation attorney to assist you in making your claim for damages.

Trying to make the claim on your own may be difficult, and often the response from workers' compensation is unacceptable to the person suffering the injury. Claim forms and documentation are necessary in any workers' compensation claim, and when your hands are damaged due to carpal tunnel syndrome, it can be even more difficult to get the paperwork submitted properly.

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