About the Firm

Katz Leidman Grossman Wolfe & Freund is one of the premier workers compensation firms in New York, and is well-known in the legal community for its work in job-related injuries. The firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of those injured on the job or due to the negligence or recklessness of another individual or company. This could include faulty or dangerous equipment, toxic chemicals or other situation. The firm serves the entire area, including the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, New York City, Staten Island and all parts of Long Island, White Plains and upstate.

The legal team has over 50 years of experience in protecting the rights of individuals who have suffered personal injuries and job-related accidents or damages, and has collected hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements, judgments and verdicts for clients in all types of injury cases. We are members of the Injured Workers' Bar Association. The legal team has a policy to treat each client respectfully and with the care that they deserve. You won't be dealing with a paralegal, clerk or secretary - you will meet with one of the skilled and knowledgeable attorneys and your case is given the priority it deserves.

Experienced Help for Workers Compensation Claims in New York

There is always an attorney available to speak with you about your case, and your calls will be answered promptly. You will be kept informed about the progress of your case, and never have to feel that you have to fight for information. Sadly, many large workers compensation firms are set up like a machine and do not have the personal interest in your case that you find at Katz Leidman Grossman Wolfe & Freund. Your case is important to you - and it will be treated with equal importance by the workers compensation attorney working for you.

Insurance companies hire top attorneys to fight and reduce claims. These are large, profit-making companies that fight to increase the bottom line. When dealing with large corporations, such as equipment manufacturers, it is critical that you have legal representation from an equally powerful and dedicated lawyer who will relentlessly fight for what is fair for you. Don't try to deal with insurance companies on your own.

Even workers' compensation must be engaged in a suit in many cases if you hope to get the compensation you deserve. Many individuals have received a settlement far lower than they could have gotten had they been represented by a workers compensation lawyer from Katz Leidman Grossman Wolfe & Freund. The legal team knows how these companies operate and fights hard for maximum compensation for damages in the injury cases taken on.

If you think that you have a workers compensation case, contact a Workers' Compensation Attorney from Katz Leidman Grossman Wolfe & Freund for free. If you are unsure whether you have a case - contact the firm to discuss the case. Even if you are sure you don't have a case - contact the legal team for a free consultation to determine how to move forward and get the compensation you deserve.