Recent Posts in Workplace Violence

  • 21-Jun-2017

    Can Workplace Accidents Be Prevented?

    Some people believe that workplace accidents are not preventable; that they are something that just happens and we have to deal with them. While that may be true to a point, we beg to differ. In many cases of workplace accidents, something could have ...
  • 27-Feb-2017

    Workplace Injuries in Healthcare

    When people think of “ workplace injuries,” what often comes to mind is machinery accidents or construction accidents. However, what many people don’t realize is that healthcare, a seemingly safe occupation, can be very dangerous. ...
  • 17-Mar-2015

    Were Your Injuries Caused by Workplace Violence?

    Most workers are aware of the hazards involved with their job. For example, construction workers know that they are in danger of falls, electrocution, and being injured by untrained co-workers. On the other hand, nurses know that lifting a patient ...