Recent Posts in Healthcare

  • 27-Feb-2017

    Workplace Injuries in Healthcare

    When people think of “ workplace injuries,” what often comes to mind is machinery accidents or construction accidents. However, what many people don’t realize is that healthcare, a seemingly safe occupation, can be very dangerous. ...
  • 17-Oct-2016

    New York Workers' Comp: Medical Care

    If you were recently injured in a work-related accident, or if you just learned that you’re suffering from an occupational disease, you likely have questions regarding medical care. Can you choose your own doctor? Will your medical payments be ...
  • 25-Jul-2016

    Common Workplace Hazards in the Healthcare Industry

    For many, working in the healthcare field brings great advantages – good health insurance, steady schedules, good pay, and satisfaction helping other people. To outsiders, the healthcare industry may seem entirely “safe,” but ...