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  • 17-Oct-2017

    What is an Occupational Disease?

    According to the New York Workers’ Compensation Board, “An occupational disease arises from the conditions to which a specific type of worker is exposed. The disease must be produced as a natural incident of a particular occupation, such ...
  • 23-Jan-2017

    Workers' Compensation for Eye Injuries

    Most people will quickly agree that their eyesight is important. Given the choice, the majority of people would rather be deaf than blind. Do you feel the same way? As a New York workers’ compensation law firm, we have dealt with every kind of ...
  • 9-Nov-2016

    Chemical Exposure in the Workplace

    Most people come into contact with chemicals on a daily basis, especially if they use household chemicals to clean their kitchen, bathroom, and floors. Although minimal exposure to certain chemicals is generally deemed safe, continuous or prolonged ...