New York Appeals Court Claims Workers Comp. Rules are Binding

Posted By Katz, Leidman, Freund & Herman || 19-Feb-2013

A recent case went to the New York Court of Appeals when a construction worker petitioned for compensation from his company after he suffered an injury in 2003. The man was considered disabled for three years before he was totally recovered and was deemed fit to return to work in 2006. The man was petitioning for compensation despite the fact that a lower court ruled that he had recovered and did not qualify for disability any longer.

Reuters says that the New York Court of Appeals determined Thursday in a 4 to 1 ruling that the plaintiff who filed a personal injury suit could not litigate an issue that had already been decided in a previous proceeding for workers' compensation. The New York courts hope that this new ruling will save them time and effort as they continue to work through cases where attention is most necessary and they choose to avoid cases that have already been visited. The ruling about workers' compensation cases only affects findings of fact that are necessary for administrative agencies and are entitled to such effect.

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